Lightweight aggregate concrete curing concrete vibrator of:

When The Nature Conservancy, lightweight aggregate concrete pouring after molding surface should prevent water loss quickly, to avoid the temperature difference is too large mesh surface cracks appear. After the release should be covered and water conservation. electric motor concrete vibrator When using natural conservation, moisture conservation time shall comply with the following provisions: ordinary portland cement, portland cement, slag cement mixing concrete. Wet curing time of not less than 7d; use of fly ash cement, concrete pozzolan cement mixing synthetic mixed retarding concrete admixture, wet curing time of not less than 14d. Member covered with plastic film is conservation, to remain sealed to keep the membrane have condensate. When using steam curing, after forming listening time should not be less than 2h, and should control the heating and cooling rate.

Concrete Vibrator selection and use:

Consider the amount and duration of the project terms, when a large amount of concrete work, and long duration, should use a medium or large stationary concrete vibrator, mixing station, when the concrete demand is not too big, and the duration is not too long, should use medium fixed type or sized mobile concrete vibrator, when the concrete needs of scattered and smaller amount, has selected the small and medium sized or small mobile concrete vibrator is appropriate.

The concrete vibrator concrete mixer truck Category:

One is the mixing drum rotation and a public car chassis engine, which focused on the drive, and the other is provided with a mixing drum rotary engine alone, that alone drive, separate drive is characterized by: mixing bucket load operating state from the Electric Concrete Vibrator for sale car chassis the impact of the concrete can guarantee the quality of transport, while driving performance is not affected by chassis mixer is conducive to give full play to the chassis of traction, at present, the concrete mixer truck larger capacity drives are used alone.

Concrete Concrete Vibrator of mixing:

Concrete mix after the check, you can be mixing concrete, the current mix concrete are used concrete mixers, blenders by a certain mixture ratio of concrete mix and stir into mixing uniform, consistent color, a certain homogeneity, flowability The concrete mix. Concrete Mixing Tools required: steel, shovel, watering can, concrete vibrator.

Concrete Concrete Vibrators strength:

Concrete strength refers to the external force, the ability to resist damage, including compression, tensile, bending, shear and adhesive strength steel, the most important compressive strength, concrete compressive strength Standard Test portable concrete vibrator Method for Concrete Determination of compressive strength of concrete is also used as basis for dividing the concrete strength, the strength of the unit is MPa.

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